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Eagle Screen to Suit Triumph Trophy 1998

$162.73 ex GST ($131.76 )

Eagle made a whole new design for this model in a attempt to resolve the inherent turbulence issues. So far we have had no complaints about this screen design. The sketch below best shows the changes.

Optional Extras:-

1. Thicker (4.0mm) material (Usually made from 3.0mm thick material)

 2. Cats-eye vents add

3. Black painted Edging add

Feedback on new T-22 Eagle designed screen

Hi ,

Well what can I say, I hope the pictures attached speak for themselves. The
screen fitted perfectly as you can see, The only thing I would mention is
that the holes you have put in are about 1mm larger in Diameter than the
original screen, I have replaced the original plastic screws with stainless
steel screws and a plastic washer that just about fitted, but I don't think
the screen would fit if the original plastic screws where going to be used,
other than that the screen looks awesome I am so pleased with the way it
looks, the dark tint, the cut-outs, the black strip around the base looks

Now, of course I couldn't wait to get her out on the road to see what
happened and John, its like having a brand new bike, the aerodynamics of the
bike, the way she handles is completely different, she is so much smoother
at slower speeds, and get this John, I pulled onto a dual carriageway I
accelerated hard to get in front of a long line of traffic, quite quickly
after pulling away I notice a very small amount of shudder / vibration from
the top of the screen, nothing to worry about I thought, larger screen and
all that and anyway I usually get that around 65 to 70 mph I looked down at
the speedo, and I was doing 100mph, I got there without even realising it.
I am so pleased John, the bike feels and looks great.

The bike looked so good I just had to send you some pictures as soon as I
could. I have made them smaller to email you which means they are not as
good quality, Just let me know if you require any of them any bigger for a
better quality version. each good quality picture is about 1.5mb.

Anyway John, thank you again ever so much.

With kindest regards

Jason Summerfield

United Kingdom  29th May 2007