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Handlebar Risers for the Triumph Thunderbird (Chrome)

$253.64 inc GST ($207.03 )
Handlebar Risers for the Triumph Thunderbird (Chrome) 

Handlebar Risers for the Triumph Thunderbird

These triple chrome plated handlebar risers are CNC machined from billet aluminum. They replace the stock risers, bringing the handlebars back toward the rider 2”. Because they create a much more relaxed seating position, they significantly reduce rider back strain. These risers retain all stock cables, hoses and wiring and are easy to install. Set includes matching caps, and fits all years. fits present standard & ABS models. Fits 2009 and newer Thunderbird models, including Standard, LT and Commander. NOTE: These risers do not fit the Storm model.

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Customer Reveiw


Hi Gary,


I have fitted the risers and am impressed with how they look and the new position of the bars, makes for a considerably more relaxing ride, unfortunately I am less impressed with the instructions on the fitting procedures.


They go into an elaborate procedure on how to remove the throttle cables which is way overboard, when all that is necessary is the removal of the two screws on the switch block and the fittings on the cables themselves, personally I don’t think the repositioning of the cables is necessary as it looks shit and they are long enough to stay in the original position, hence I reconfigured mine back to normal.


Another thing to look out for is the brake line, it’s just long enough to do the job and it has to come out of it’s cable guide. The bars have to be fitted fairly low otherwise it will be too short as was my original fitting.


All the best


Wayne Chaffey