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 DLRA Speed Week 2019
When Monday 4th of March till Friday the 8th of March
Where Lake Gairdner National Park, Gairdner SA 5710, Australia (map)



 Gryphon R Series Salt Lake Race Built by Triumph Performance Parts

            Lake Gardner the First year                               Gryphon First build Pics


Lake Gairdner  Gryphon First Build


More photos of the Salt race event  

Building a Better faster Gryphon Salt lake Racer  

Follow the progress of Gryphon stage 2 and our next salt lake adventure

as we slowly progress to an unbeleivably faster bonny

Gryphon New Build 

Gryphon Salt race bike Stripped Down to be rebuilt

A lot to do before next DLRA meeting.

New Engine, New Wheels, Rewire,new Dash Console,

Heads currently being Worked on 4mm Over inlets, 2 mm over exhaust, Shim under bucket Conversion,

New cams being machined new 13 to 1 pistons being made.


Oversize Valves   Close up Valves


Finally got the heads Finished 

Shot of finished Heads Valve side with 4 mm over inlets and 2mm exhaust


Underbucket shinms   



PIctures of new Pro stock race cams and Underbucket shim conversion Head also has double valve springs.




Port matched manifolds and Flowed Ports ,Flow test push around 350cfm.



Finally, the engine is being pieced together - it was cranked over on a starter motor with no problems so here's hoping that once we put the pipes on, it simply kicks over first go!

Now watch this space - some big transformations coming up in the next couple of weeks.....



 And heres the finished bike, just about to be loaded up into the van to head to South Australia......