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Triumph America and Speedmer Rear Wide Wheel Kit

$1090.00 inc GST ($792.86 )



There’s just something about seeing a wide rear tire on a Triumph Cruiser that sets things right with the world. It instantly improves handling, adding bite to your braaap with that bigger contact patch and delivers a take-no-prisoners stance that draws instant attention. The British Customs’ Wide Wheel Kit makes a rearend makeover for your Triumph an effortless affair. 

We’ve engineered a 17 x 5.5 silver anodized or polished rim, complemented with polished stainless spokes for a solid, sweetlooking platform that will accommodate up to a 200 series tire that’s some serious stance. 

The Wheel comes with everything needed to havce it laced to your own hub 

Not every bike will accommodate the full 180 width. Please check clearance before ordering.

Note: Pricing depends on size, finish,


  • Fit up to size 180 Rear tire to stock swingarm
  • Chromed Aluminum rim with stainless spokes
  • Available laced and trued or as an unlaced DIY kit
  • Powdercoating available
  • Made in USA


Styles are 

701-001-C-P-SP   17" x 5.5" Wide Wheel Kit Polished Wheel polished Spokes.

701-001-C-P-SR   17" x 5.5" Wide Wheel Kit Polished Wheel Raw Spokes.

701-001-C-S-SP  17" x 5.5" Wide Wheel Kit Clear Anodized Wheel, Polished Spokes.

701-001-C-S-SP   17" x 5.5" Wide Wheel Kit Clear Anodized Wheel, Raw Spokes.